Configuring an free SSL on Freehostia A-Z Guide

I was looking for an opportunity to test WordPress site on a free hosting. After several unsuccessful attempts, I settled on freehostia hosting.

With the installation of WordPress there were no problems. When installing the site, you must specify the pre-installation of scripts.

It is not necessary to have your domain name registered with the same company that would be hosting your website (and thus your domain).

However, you have to point the domain to your hosting space to make it work properly. This is done by applying your hosting company’s name servers to your domain name.

Inside the domain control panel provided by your registrar (the company you registered the domain with) you should have the option to change the name servers, which may also be referred to as NS or DNS change.

To properly host a domain registered with another company, you must:

  1. Add the domain to your Hosted Domains list (My Domains > Hosted Domains)
  2. Set our name servers for your domain
  3. Wait for the name server change to propagate (usually within 12–24 hours)

I could not add the certificate on the same day as the domain was delegated. Maybe it was just a hosting error.

After that, you can proceed to the configuration of the security certificate. There are several options: connect your certificate, buy a certificate from a hosting or connect a certificate from Lets Encript. I have chosen the last option.

In the “SSL Certificates for active hosted domains” menu, click on the add certificate button. And then select the desired option in the menu.

If you have already bought an SSL from another company, you can download/copy the CSR code, the Private Key, which was generated with it, then add them along with the SSL from My Domains -> SSL Certificates.

As a result, you will see that a security certificate is connected to your domain. It remains only to configure redirection from http to https on your site.

Source: Configuring an free SSL on Freehostia A-Z Guide | by Dmytro Yanushkevych | Medium

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