Here’s what ruthless hackers stole from 130M AT&T customers

In a startling revelation, AT&T announced that it had suffered a significant data breach affecting “nearly all” of its cellular customers, as well as customers of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) using AT&T’s wireless network and some landline customers.  The data that was taken was from May 1 through Oct. 31, 2022, with a small number of […]

Are we living in a simulation? There’s scientific debate

The simulation theory In 2003, Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom proposed the simulation hypothesis. He published a paper discussing the possibility of humanity existing within a computer simulation. Popularized The theory became famous thanks to films like ‘The Matrix’, and other science fiction works, but science communicators and researchers have also discussed it. What it […]

Absci and AstraZeneca forge AI partnership to discover cancer treatments

Absci, a frontrunner in generative AI antibody discovery, has partnered with biopharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca to leverage AI in the quest for a novel cancer treatment. This collaboration will capitalise on Absci’s Integrated Drug Creation platform—seamlessly integrating with AstraZeneca’s expertise in oncology, aiming to expedite the discovery of a potentially game-changing cancer therapy. Under the agreement, Absci will deploy its […]

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