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Digitalization of the restaurant industry worldwide – statistics & facts

As a result of digitalization, the global restaurant industry has transformed over the past decades. Embracing technological advancements has allowed many restaurants to enhance efficiency and meet consumer demands in an increasingly digital age. Digitalization in restaurants can be seen in both physical spaces and the online world. One of the ways that embracing technology […]

How is AI Revolutionizing the World of Pest Control?

AI is one of the top new technologies in the pest control industry, as published in the report, Artificial Intelligence and IoT-Based Technologies for Sustainable Farming and Smart Agriculture. Currently, the agricultural sector is facing big challenges owing to changes in the global climate. Increased precipitations, droughts, global warming, and extreme weather events have endangered traditional production and […]


The investment-management industry is undergoing arguably its most disruptive period ever. Thanks to a new wave of disruptive technologies, the very concept of investing is being transformed from a practice that was relationship-driven and only accessed by the affluent few to a democratised, inclusive activity that serves a much broader customer base. Today, the demand […]

Revolutionizing Pet Care: How AI is Changing Veterinary Medicine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in the tech industry and is slowly making its way into various sectors, including the veterinary industry. AI has the potential to transform the way veterinarians diagnose, treat and monitor animal health. With the use of AI in the veterinary industry, veterinarians can now detect illnesses earlier, offer […]

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