The investment-management industry is undergoing arguably its most disruptive period ever. Thanks to a new wave of disruptive technologies, the very concept of investing is being transformed from a practice that was relationship-driven and only accessed by the affluent few to a democratised, inclusive activity that serves a much broader customer base. Today, the demand […]

Revolutionizing Pet Care: How AI is Changing Veterinary Medicine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword in the tech industry and is slowly making its way into various sectors, including the veterinary industry. AI has the potential to transform the way veterinarians diagnose, treat and monitor animal health. With the use of AI in the veterinary industry, veterinarians can now detect illnesses earlier, offer […]

Top 15 Use Cases and Applications of AI in Logistics in 2023

Share article As organizations overcome the pandemic-induced disruptions, they need to focus more on strengthening their supply chain and logistics capacity. Leveraging AI can be an effective way of doing that. According to McKinsey, the successful implementation of AI has helped businesses improve logistics costs by 15%, Inventory levels by 35%, and service levels by 65%. Another research […]

Integrating AI and Pest Control for Maximum Results

Integrating AI and Pest Control: Can It Help Maximize Your  Performance in the Industry? Artificial intelligence. What once sounded like science fiction has now become common practice in the pest control industry.  If you’re not as familiar as you’d like to be with AI, you’re not alone. It can be overwhelming to decide what technology […]

Restaurant industry undergoes significant transformation with introduction of AI

The restaurant industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the introduction of generative artificial intelligence (AI), potentially leading to substantial changes in both operational processes and the customer experience. In a recent development, Domino’s announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft, marking a significant move to harness advanced AI capabilities for a variety of purposes. These […]

A supercomputer predicts 25% of life on Earth will soon be extinct

Europe’s best supercomputer says 1/4 of life will be gone by 2100©Provided by The Daily Digest Earth is currently going through its sixth mass extinction event, and at the beginning of 2023, Europe’s best supercomputer predicted most of the deaths of this event are probably going to occur between now and the turn of the […]

All About Polymer, Lithium-Ion vs Lead-Acid Batteries

When it comes to energy storage, two of the most common battery options are lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but in recent years, lithium-ion batteries have become increasingly popular due to their superior performance in certain areas. One of the main advantages of lithium-ion batteries over lead-acid batteries is their […]

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