LPG prices up this month

Prices of cooking gas are up for the third consecutive month this October.

Petron announced yesterday that it will implement a P3.75 per kilogram increase in LPG prices starting today.

Its AutoLPG prices will likewise go up by P2.09 per liter.

“These reflect the international contract price of LPG for the month of October,” Petron said.

Solane-branded LPG price, meanwhile, will go up by P3.73 per kilogram.

Other retailers have yet to announce their respective adjustments as of press time, but they are also expected to implement a price hike this month.

Last September, LPG prices went up for a second straight month, with Petron implementing a P6.65 per kilogram increase, and Solane by 6.64 per kilogram.

Prices of 11-kilogram household LPG ranged from P790 to P1,018, based on the Department of Energy’s price monitoring in Metro Manila from Sept. 1 to 8.

Source:LPG prices up this month (msn.com)

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